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OFFICE: or am i standing still

Title: or am i standing still
Fandom: The Office US
Author: dollsome
Story Info: Michael/Holly, het, PG, 2300 words

Michael and Holly make me believe in love, you guys. Every time Michael said something horrible but then Holly didn't mind at all, my heart would grow three sizes. (I literally have a size 64 heart now.) So when Holly got transferred, I basically wanted to cry myself to sleep, and this fic is so evocative of all that emotion. And the ending -- oh god, the ending. My heart my heart.

But then she’s still in the bathroom. Jeez. Come on. He finally sort of slides over from the right side of the bed to the left, because Holly liked the right, so he’d been training himself to become a left-side sleeper. God, after they’d have sex, they would just snuggle up against each other and stay that way for as long as they wanted. He’s pretty sure he’s never met anybody as cuddly as Holly, which had worked out great, because for some reason, most of the women Michael dates don’t seem to like cuddling at all, and he doesn’t get that. So it was a nice change.

or am i standing still

BIG BANG THEORY: The Closet Theorem

Title: The Closet Theorem
Fandom: The Big Bang Theory
Author: kaci_jabeth
Story Info: Sheldon/Blaine, slash, PG-13, 5100 words

Hey, remember that time this community existed? That was fun. So anyway, a rec. This fic is so incredibly perfect I can't even describe it. Basically, it takes off from the moment on the show when Sheldon inadvertently asked a dude in the cafeteria for his phone number, so he could get said dude to have sex with Penny (long story). This fic follows that up with Sheldon figuring out that he actually DOES have some sexual feelings, and that he is kind of gay for this guy Blaine.

The beauty of this fic is how incredibly funny and how incredibly SHELDON it is. The voices are dead-on, and it's even sectioned as a scientific experiment. You really have to believe that Sheldon would completely treat his sexuality as a rigorous, peer-reviewed experiment, and man, this is amazing.

"So, um," Leonard says, suddenly not looking him in the eye, "which sex are you going to be testing your eventual hypothesis on?"

"Excuse me?"

"I'm just asking...I mean, I've known you for a long time and you've never really shown an interest in men or women, so..."

"You're asking if I'm gay," Sheldon deduces.

"Well, yeah."

"I will be conducting the experiment with both sexes," Sheldon says. "After all, that is the only truly scientific way to go about it. The only trouble is finding a control group, though I suppose I could ask Koothrappali if he knows any Hijra."

The Closet Theorem
Title: The Story That Has Already Happened
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space 9
Author: quigonejinn
Story Info: Dukat/Damar, slash, PG-13?, 1300 words

Look, no, I'm not interested in Cardassians either; but somehow this fic made me interested -- it manages to create an entire culture, with a literature and complex societal rules and family bonds and complicated emotions. There are fascinating layers and layers, all the interconnections between family (between families) and generations, and quigonejinn gives Cardassia this tangibility, this humanity, without ever pulling back from its harsh reality.

When you were almost an adult, your father was executed as a traitor. He knew that he was going to be put on trial, and everybody knew the outcome, so he made peace with your mother, and he thanked the household tutors for their service to his family. He said goodbye to you and your four brothers and lone sister, and you stood with them in the courtyard of the family compound when the arrest squad arrived.

The sun was low in the sky. It was barely visible, in fact, over the wall that ran around the family compound, and your father was not entirely steady on his feet. He had taken painkillers, as any Cardassian, cautious with his dignity, would.

The Story That Has Already Happened

(Also recommended, by the same author: The Shape of an Animal, Garak/Bashir: one of your last non-augmented memories was your excitement at all the non-Terrans in the waiting room on Adigeon Prime.)

(Sorry for the long delay in updates! Hopefully we'll be a bit better in the future.)

OFFICE: And Harder Still to Make Noise

Title: And Harder Still to Make Noise
Fandom: The Office (US)
Author: sophia_helix
Story Info: Pam Beesly, Pam/Roy, Jim/Pam, het, NC-17, 19200 words

This is an incredibly comprehensive fic about Pam Beesly, 11 years worth of her life. Pam and Roy, Pam and Jim -- it's incredibly believably, and captures the character so well it's hard to imagine Pam being any other way. Required reading for this fandom, no question.

She attends her first Dundies awards ceremony in the fall, which she didn’t believe Roy about last year. She gets an award for Sexiest Hair, and immediately cuts her hair above her shoulders that weekend.

For Halloween they have one of the office parties she’s come to know by now. Everyone tries to avoid looking at Michael, wearing a blue dress onto which he’s dribbled Elmer’s glue. She takes her third drink into the break room, where she shares a bucket of candy corn with Jim, wearing the kind of arrow-through-the-head thing Steve Martin used to have. He reaches over and flicks the cheesy halo she bought yesterday at the grocery store, covered in gold glitter and trimmed with fake marabou. A few flakes of glitter rain down on her hair and face.

And Harder Still to Make Noise
Title: Squandered my resistance
Fandom: Batverse
Author: petronelle
Story Info: Jim Gordon, gen, PG, 2800 words

I think I've mentioned before how I don't read comics - but here's another story that's so good that doesn't even matter. This one's a gen piece on Commissioner Gordon, and it does my favorite thing ever, which is when fic takes canon, flips it on its head, turns it inside out, and makes you look at everything from a completely different angle. I'd never thought about how humiliating it must be for Gotham City police officers to have to turn on a signal to summon a man in a costume to help them out. How Batman's clearly crazy, but they don't have any other options, and it's only out of desperation that they call on this vigilante who at any moment might do anything at all. How he's got these young boys running around the streets with him, and somebody should do something, but.

Just a great little story.

There's a boy standing next to Batman with his hands on his hips and his legs bare, his hair curling over his forehead. He's way too young to be on the streets fighting crime, all of fourteen if he's even that old.

Jim really ought to call the Department of Family Services. It can't be impossible to find out who Batman is and stop him from endangering a minor.

Squandered my resistance


Title: Even Sugar Peas Lose Their Snap
Fandom: Sports Night
Author: k. (sakeene AT yahoo.com)
Story Info: Dan/Casey, slash, R, 10,500 words

When you think about it, it's really weird how few slash stories are about being closeted. I guess because it's so depressing and unpleasant, which this story makes incredibly, gut-punchingly clear -- it's definitely the saddest fic I have ever read, which is saying something. And I don't even know Sports Night very well as a fandom -- I've seen maybe three episodes of the show, and yet. In this fic, Dan and Casey are together, and they love each other, and the sex is good, but it's not enough. Which happens all the time in real life, but almost never in fanfiction, and here the relationship takes on this horrible claustrophobic weight of secrecy that's almost unbearable to read. Fandom teaches you not to like first person, but here it *works*, so well, and honestly, I never want to read this story again lest I slit my wrists, and that is actually an incredibly high recommendation.

Jeremy stands up. He walks to the door and waits for me to say something, and I do, but I think it's not what he expects. I say, "Don't tell. Please?"

I can see him reflected in the screen. He looks very serious. He says, "Of course. I won't. I haven't said anything." He looks out the door but doesn't open it. "The way - the way I first noticed is that you and Casey, you were both really happy. And neither of you had said anything to anyone about why. But you were both - you were both happy."

Even Sugar Peas Lose Their Snap

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT: charts and graphs

title: charts and graphs
author: one900
fandom: Arrested Development
story info: het, George Michael/Maeby, PG, 800 words.

Completely hilarious, completely dead on, completely perfect use of multimedia.

"Uncle GOB," he calls.

Michael interrupts from the dining table without looking up from the newspaper. "Do not call him 'Uncle GOB'. That man is not your uncle."

Except this morning, when George Michael had asked him what he should do for Teacher Appreciation Week, he'd said, "You know who really knows his stuff in that category? Uncle GOB. Go ask your uncle."

George Michael wonders what happened between this morning and now that could result in such a turn, and then realizes that it could be a million things.

charts and graphs


title: Gifts
fandom: Empire Records
author: Proserpina / queenofhell
story info: Mark/Lucas, slash, 2400 words, PG.

Mark and Lucas spend Christmas working and this is sweet and funny and talky and perfect. A nice, slow, build, with music banter and backstory, and the potential to change the way you watch the movie.

Mark sighed and poked Lucas again. "See, I would, but I left my notebook at home. Besides, right now my band is kind of in a state of flux. Cause, like, I want it to be metal, but our lead guitarist, right? He wants it to be like a punky, Depeche Mode, Doors kinda hybrid thing. And he hates the name."

"Hmm. That's very interesting." Lucas turned a page in his book.

"So we're gonna quit playing instruments and everyone's gonna play a saw."


"And I'm going to get a sex change and start calling myself Veronica."

"It's a good name for you."

Mark pouted. "I hate you, Lucas."

"I hate you too, Veronica."

title: Slayer Development
author: ... phouka's brother?
fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Arrested Development
story info: gen, Xander, the AD cast, PG, 4500 words.

Xander in the Arrested Development universe, complete with narration. And not only does it exist, it's good.


“It's a couple of people dressed as pirates looking for Maeby, Mother!” Buster yelled back.


Xander sighed. “We're not...” Xander glanced at Andrew. “I'm not a homosexual. We're with the London School for Gifted Women. And.... Is there someone else I could talk to?”

Slayer Development

THE OFFICE: Spring Cleaning

title: Spring Cleaning
fandom: The Office (US)
author: fearlessfan
story info: Jim/Pam, ensemble, het, 6000 words, spoilers through the s2 finale

Hopefully no one will think less of me if I say I held my breath the whole way through this fic because it was so perfect I didn't want it to end. A week after "Casino Night," the employees have to do spring cleaning (again). This is a fantastic ensemble fic, with everyone perfectly, hilariously in character and a Jim/Pam storyline that's just as subtle and sweet and awkward and complicated as the show itself. The Ryan/Kelly/Michael triangle and the Jim & Dwight interaction are standouts too. Go read this immediately.

Creed likes Kelly's desk. It's isolated. He finds four dollars in loose change in the top drawer and takes seventy-five cents (enough for peanut butter crackers, not enough to arouse real suspicion). He finds an envelope of pictures in the second desk drawer and pulls out the ones featuring attractive girls (there are several). He spends the rest of the day making long-distance phone calls and trying out the pens in Kelly's desk to find the best ones to take with him when he leaves (he takes four).

Spring Cleaning


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