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title: There is a gentleness survives
author: harriet_spy
fandom: X-MEN (movieverse)
story info: Magneto, Pyro, (gen-y) slash, PG, 650 words. SPOILERS for X3.

This is a really gorgeous and haunting post-movie fic. Erik is rich with all his layers of loss and wry matter-of-factness and his complex relationship with Charles. All the history, both recent and distant, is beautifully handled, and I like how the story, short as it is, teases out the ideas of how what you come from affects the choices you make later. There's not a word wasted, and it's exactly as subtle as it needs to be:

He wakes in the night with the sudden, absolute conviction that he is still on a different train, and has been all this time, his life nothing but a child's futile dreams of escape and power.

There is a gentleness survives