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THE OFFICE: Spring Cleaning

title: Spring Cleaning
fandom: The Office (US)
author: fearlessfan
story info: Jim/Pam, ensemble, het, 6000 words, spoilers through the s2 finale

Hopefully no one will think less of me if I say I held my breath the whole way through this fic because it was so perfect I didn't want it to end. A week after "Casino Night," the employees have to do spring cleaning (again). This is a fantastic ensemble fic, with everyone perfectly, hilariously in character and a Jim/Pam storyline that's just as subtle and sweet and awkward and complicated as the show itself. The Ryan/Kelly/Michael triangle and the Jim & Dwight interaction are standouts too. Go read this immediately.

Creed likes Kelly's desk. It's isolated. He finds four dollars in loose change in the top drawer and takes seventy-five cents (enough for peanut butter crackers, not enough to arouse real suspicion). He finds an envelope of pictures in the second desk drawer and pulls out the ones featuring attractive girls (there are several). He spends the rest of the day making long-distance phone calls and trying out the pens in Kelly's desk to find the best ones to take with him when he leaves (he takes four).

Spring Cleaning


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Jul. 15th, 2006 11:19 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for this rec!
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