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title: Gifts
fandom: Empire Records
author: Proserpina / queenofhell
story info: Mark/Lucas, slash, 2400 words, PG.

Mark and Lucas spend Christmas working and this is sweet and funny and talky and perfect. A nice, slow, build, with music banter and backstory, and the potential to change the way you watch the movie.

Mark sighed and poked Lucas again. "See, I would, but I left my notebook at home. Besides, right now my band is kind of in a state of flux. Cause, like, I want it to be metal, but our lead guitarist, right? He wants it to be like a punky, Depeche Mode, Doors kinda hybrid thing. And he hates the name."

"Hmm. That's very interesting." Lucas turned a page in his book.

"So we're gonna quit playing instruments and everyone's gonna play a saw."


"And I'm going to get a sex change and start calling myself Veronica."

"It's a good name for you."

Mark pouted. "I hate you, Lucas."

"I hate you too, Veronica."