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title: There is a gentleness survives
author: harriet_spy
fandom: X-MEN (movieverse)
story info: Magneto, Pyro, (gen-y) slash, PG, 650 words. SPOILERS for X3.

This is a really gorgeous and haunting post-movie fic. Erik is rich with all his layers of loss and wry matter-of-factness and his complex relationship with Charles. All the history, both recent and distant, is beautifully handled, and I like how the story, short as it is, teases out the ideas of how what you come from affects the choices you make later. There's not a word wasted, and it's exactly as subtle as it needs to be:

He wakes in the night with the sudden, absolute conviction that he is still on a different train, and has been all this time, his life nothing but a child's futile dreams of escape and power.

There is a gentleness survives


Title: Puppies and Punishments
Fandom: Arrested Development
Author: lovelyzelda
Story Info: ensemble, gen, PG, 2600 words,

Arrested Development fic is really hard to find - that's because it's hard to write, since the source material is so funny and distinctive. This fic totally lives up to the show, though - it's funny and in character and completely awesome. The Bluth family celebrates Christmas.

On the suggested walk, Buster had been traded for a cocker spaniel named Lucky. It had been one of the happiest day's of Gob, Michael, and Lindsay's childhood, at least until the dog's original owners had returned with Buster. There had been no parental retribution and, amazed by their good fortune, Buster had been traded again a few days later.

It had ended with a spray of blood, a three legged dog hobbling away with someone's arm, and that horrible man hissing, "That's why you don't trade your little brother."

Buster had never been used as a bartering tool again, and the nightmares had eventually stopped.


"What's wrong now?" asked Gob as he came into the kitchen. "Finally figured out who..." He looked from the dog to Lindsay. "You paid for that, right? It's not...where's Buster?"

Puppies and Punishments

BATMAN: Able to Succeed

Title: Able to Succeed
Fandom: Batman (or do you say comics? Or DC? Is this DC? I don't even know.)
Author: brown_betty
Story Info: Batman, Tim, gen, PG, 1100 words,

So everything I know about Batman is from the summer my youngest brother was four and I was nine and he watched the original Batman show CONSTANTLY - you know, the one with Adam West and the POWs and BIFFs? And the movie of that version, wherein the Penguin DEHYDRATES the U.N. so they are all in piles of colorful dust and Batman has to rehydrate them? Hahahaha, oh man, I really need to rewatch that. Um, anyway, all that to say, comics fandom is not so much my thing. And yet this fic is still awesome. Batman assigns Robin (Tim? The Tim Robin? There are multiple Robins, apparently? All I know is Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne's youthful ward, so whatever.) bat-homework. It's pretty much completely awesome - funny and kind of angsty and just really interesting.

Scenario: Two-Face has taken Fire Chief Anderson hostage at a Thursday matinee at the Princess Theatre. Two-Face has three male accomplices, all unknown. Anderson and Two-Face are on the stage, accomplices are blocking exits.

Describe how you will achieve the following: a) ensure safety of Chief Anderson and theatre-goers, b) apprehend Two-Face and accomplices, c) minimize property damage, d) remain uninjured. Prioritize in order given. List materials used, describe deployment, estimate worst and best case scenarios, and develop contingencies. Use essay format.

Tim looks up. "I don't know if I… If I could do those things."

"Assume success," says Bruce unencouragingly. "Describe how it's achieved."

Able to Succeed
Title: Long Stretch of Highway
Fandom: The Office (US)
Author: allthingsholy
Story Info: Jim/Pam, het, PG, 700 words, post-"Conflict Resolution"

Hi, guess what, it's five in the morning and I can't sleep because of the finale of this show, so a fic rec it is! This is Jim/Pam in its angtiest, longingest, saddest incarnation. Like, I kind of wanted to die after reading it. But in a good way. It hits at the dark heart of the Office, underneath the comedy, and does a hell of a lot in just 700 words. Awesome. Also, I kind of secretly adore a good second person fic, shhh, don't tell.

You talk to Jan more than you did when you worked for Michael, have actual conversations with her now. She’s funny, you’ve found, and much more easy-going when she’s not worried about business. You went out for drinks one Friday night, both of you on the way out of the office, and you talked about your future with this company. She sees room for improvement, advancement. There’s a district manager position open in upstate New York.

This is your career, you realize. It doesn’t feel any different, finally knowing you will never be more than this.

Long Stretch of Highway


title: Sick Day
author: disney711
fandom: The Office (US)
story info: gen (het if you squint hard), Jim, Pam, 400 words.

This is totally funny and the voices are spot-on. Jim calls in sick and then spends the day e-mailing with Pam. Epistolary fic, yay! I love the changing subject lines and the sarcasm and how this feels like watching an episode.

To: jim@dundermifflin.com
From: pam@dundermifflin.com
Subject: I totally know how to prevent hepatitis now

Apparently you aren’t supposed to pick up stray needles off of the floor. And all this time, I’ve been putting myself at risk.


Sick Day
Title: i said, maybe you're gonna be the one that saves me: five things that never happened to ronald bilius weasley
Fandom: Harry Potter
Author: kel.
Story Info: Ron/Harry, Ron/Viktor Krum, gen, boyslash, PG, 5800 words

The Five Things genre of fic is one of my favorites, and this is one of its best examples. Five things that never happened to Ron Weasley, one for each of his first five years at Hogwarts. I think the first one is my favorite, but they're all excellent.

Harry blinked. "Well, of course. There was talk of letting me start at Hogwarts when I was eight, but my mum, you know. I hope I won't be bored, I already know loads of magic. My father was the youngest Minister of Magic in five hundred years, he says prodigality runs in our family. What do your parents do?"

Ron shifted in his seat. "My father works at the Ministry, too, he works in the Department for Misuse of Muggle Artifacts."

Harry snickered. "That's a bit of a useless department, isn't it? My father says the Ministry only keeps it around to give zeros something to do."

i said, maybe you're gonna be the one that saves me: five things that never happened to ronald bilius weasley
title: Four Things That Never Happened to Jim and Pam
author: uhmidont
fandom: The Office (US)
story info: Jim/Pam, het, PG, 3100 words.

This fic deserves kudos on so many levels: it straddles the line between funny and touching just like the show, each different a/u is distinct and interesting and explored well, it embraces all the awkwardness and foibles of the UST-heavy Jim/Pam relationship and still allows for happy endings, for various values of happy. The attention to detail is great and shows a total love for the show, and it made me think of things I hadn't even considered before, a la the quote below. Mostly it makes my heart ache in a really delightful way.

His phone rings.

"I have to get this," he says.

It's Katy. Pam turns away fast, and he hears the cameras clicking as they zoom in on her face.

Four Things That Never Happened to Jim and Pam

FIREFLY: Indistinguishable From Magic

title: Indistinguishable From Magic
author: kieyra
fandom: Firefly
story info: River, gen, PG, 3400 words, SPOILERS through the movie.

The author's note says this is a bit of wish fulfillment, and I don't really care how indulgent the premise of it might be, because this made me totally happy. It responds to fallout from the movie in a way which works beautifully with the universe's reality. Firefly tends to be bleaker than the Buffyverse because its consequences are so final, and I think that's one of its strengths, but it's nice to see this kind of what-if, and a River who's so much in control, an agent in her own life, doing things, and doing them for others. Plus the whole idea is just clever.

Mal eyes her.

She stares back. "There is no monster under the bed," she says, with absolute conviction.

"Seems to me you'd know better'n most of us," Mal mutters.

Indistinguishable From Magic


PEANUTS: Every Good Girl Does Fine

Title: Every Good Girl Does Fine
Fandom: Peanuts
Author: gigantic (Charli J)
Story Info: Patty/Marcie, femslash, PG, 2200 words

I think everybody read this one when Yuletide came out this year, because it is so good it got recced all around. Good enough I can't help reccing it again. It's quiet and in character and I can't even describe it except that cartoon fic has more potential than you think it would have.

Chuck will attend Homecoming with a redhead whose name Patty can never remember. She leans against the lockers when Linus mentions it and waits for jealousy to wash across her, and feels kind of cheated by the universe when it never comes.

The kid who scored the winning touchdown last Friday asks her after school the next afternoon. Patty likes him just fine, too, and can't think of a particularly valid reason to turn him down, but she does.

"I don't have a date," Marcie says, so Patty meets her four blocks from the school the night of the dance, and it's fine.

Every Good Girl Does Fine

BUFFY: Winners

Title: Winners
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Author: Ins (insomnitic@chickmail.com)
Story Info: Buffy/Xander, Tara/Willow, gen, PG-13, 1800 words

This fic's hard to find on the internet these days, which is too bad. It's a classic, clever and creepy and perfectly executed. To say any more would give it away - you better just go read it.

I meet up with Xander and give my count -- seven, now just about dawn and time to pack it in -- and he grins, "lucky number," and it's been a good night. I'm glad to see him smiling.



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