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ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT: charts and graphs

title: charts and graphs
author: one900
fandom: Arrested Development
story info: het, George Michael/Maeby, PG, 800 words.

Completely hilarious, completely dead on, completely perfect use of multimedia.

"Uncle GOB," he calls.

Michael interrupts from the dining table without looking up from the newspaper. "Do not call him 'Uncle GOB'. That man is not your uncle."

Except this morning, when George Michael had asked him what he should do for Teacher Appreciation Week, he'd said, "You know who really knows his stuff in that category? Uncle GOB. Go ask your uncle."

George Michael wonders what happened between this morning and now that could result in such a turn, and then realizes that it could be a million things.

charts and graphs


Aug. 28th, 2006 06:47 pm (UTC)
I'm pulling so many people's weight here I might as well be on the BANKS OF THE VOLGA.